What are some of the ways to ensure that directory enquiries services can continue to help customers in the internet age? It's all about making sure that such services are cost-effective in a way that doesn't leave a nasty taste in the customers mouth, or a hole in their bank account!

A Direct Connection

A directory enquiries service can not just provide a customer with contact details for a business or service, but can also directly connect them. Sure, this is extremely convenient for the customer in the short term, but they might come to regret it later. Calls that are connected are charged at a premium rate, and this can mean that the subsequent phone conversation can be very expensive indeed.

An Informed Choice

From the summer of 2015, the regulatory body for the UK's communication industries will compel service providers to be clearer with the cost of a call connected via their service. The customer can then make an informed choice about whether or not they want to be connected, or whether they want to make a note of the number and call themselves.

What Businesses Can Do

Businesses that are able to identify when a call is forwarded from a directory enquiries service may wish to take matters into their own hands. They could inform the customer that this call might be charged at a premium rate, and offer to call the customer back. The customer is happy, and the business still receives the referral, as well as capturing the customer's contact details with very little effort.

Avoiding a Negative Association

Failure to address this issue can have negative repercussions for both the directory enquiries service, as well as the business that has been called. The customer could associate any excessive costs added to their phone bill with the directory enquiries service, as well as perhaps with the business itself. This means that the customer might be less likely to contact either of these parties again.

The majority of callers to directory services can obtain the information they need within a very short time-frame, meaning that the immediacy of the service is extremely valuable, since it's coupled with the ability to ask questions to an actual person. It's simply important to retain callers to these services by making sure that they're armed with the facts when it comes to any additional costs. Sometimes it's just easier to use a pen and paper instead of saying yes to being connected.

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