ClickAdilla Unveils High-Quality Push Notifications


Clickadilla’s Breakthrough in High-Quality Push Notifications

In the dynamic world of online advertising, traffic quality is crucial for achieving successful campaign results.

At ClickAdilla, we understand the importance of reaching your ideal audience and maximizing the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest update that will revolutionize the way you approach push notifications.

Get ready to discover the remarkable benefits of High-Quality Push (HQ push) and take your advertising efforts to new heights!

Filter Out Irrelevant Traffic and Boost Engagement

With High-Quality Push, you have the power to filter out irrelevant traffic and focus on connecting with your target audience.

This advanced push notification format offers a larger close field, minimizing the chances of misclicks.

Say goodbye to wasted ad spend on accidental clicks!

By leveraging HQ push, you can ensure that every click you receive is intentional and valuable. You only pay for target clicks, as the misclick rate in HQ push notifications is nearly zero.

It’s a game-changer in terms of maximizing your ROI and driving meaningful engagement.

Exclusive Bonus for Push Campaign Launches

To celebrate the launch of our High-Quality Push feature and support your journey toward advertising success, we have an exclusive offer in store.

When you deposit $100 or more specifically for launching push campaigns, we will add an extra 5% to your balance.

It’s our way of incentivizing your exploration of this powerful feature and making sure your testing efforts are maximally effective.

Simply use the promo code HQPUSH to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

How to create a High-Quality Push campaign:

  1. Register in ClickAdilla (if you are not registered yet)
  2. Top up your balance using promo code HQPUSH_cs
  3. Click “Create Campaign”: after choosing your advertising format, click on “High Quality” in the traffic quality section
  4. Get your conversions!

Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunities offered by ClickAdilla’s High-Quality Push notifications.

Filter out irrelevant traffic, avoid misclicks, and connect with your ideal audience like never before.

With our exclusive offer for push campaign launches, you can kickstart your testing efforts with added support and incentives.

Embrace the power of HQ push and experience the game-changing benefits it brings to your ad campaigns.

Explore the possibilities and witness the remarkable results with ClickAdilla!

Ready to elevate your advertising game? Discover High-Quality Push with ClickAdilla today!