Exploring the Opportunities Page


Hello! My name is Olessya. I’m a Support affiliate manager at Mobidea.
Today, I will tell you what you can find in our Opportunities section! Let’s go!

In order to access the Opportunities Page just go to the left panel menu of your account and click on the icon called “Opportunities.”

Right away, when the page is opened, you will see a long report including information about Countries and their current statistics (clicks, signups, CR, EPC, average payout and revenue).

The “Opportunities” display all the statistics Mobidea has got from all our affiliates. Cool, right?

Now, we share every performance metric with you, for the time period you select.

Do you have a Standard account?
Then you’ll see statistics gathered in the last 7 days.

Do you have a VIP account?
Then you’ll also get to see statistics from the last 3 days as well as stats from yesterday.

So, what can you check in this section? By default, we will show you statistics by Country.

Feel free to click any parameters you see and go to another report!

By clicking on “Offers”, you get a report for all the Single Offers that are LIVE.

By clicking on Smartlink, you will see statistics for all the three Smartlinks types.

Experiment with the other paraments you see: Operator, Operating System, Browser, Device Type and Dayparting.

But the best part is below!

You don’t get to only see stats for one variable.

In fact, you get to check the actual correlation among any three variables of your choice.
Why should you apply all three? Let’s see!

Imagine you are looking for the best segment of our Adult Smartlink.

In the first grouping dropdown, you should select Smartlink.
In the second grouping, you should select Country.
In the last one, you can select Operator.

Click on “APPLY” button and check the results.
At first, you’ll get to see the overall Statistics for Smartlinks.

However, when you click on any of them, you see that the second layer of the variable will appear.

In this case, it is Country.

Your next step will be to sort results by the highest EPC. Since you are looking for the best segment this is the best sorting for you to do.

Click on EPC and wait for the report to show up.

Did you forget that you can still see an Operator inside each country?
Yes indeed! Click on the country you want to investigate, and see the final result displayed in the format of a Data Tree.

Do you prefer to work with Tables rather than Tree format? You can switch it on the right side of the page.

The Table view is useful if you want to download a Report. See the button Extract next to it? That’s what you need to click on to download a report.

Time to choose the best segments.

If you believe that EPC and CR metrics are not enough to make a decision, you should enable the EPC Variation feature. This one.

This will allow you to see which segment is actually improving its performance compared with the same period in the past.

Want more examples?

Let’s find the best-performing Offers. How to do it?

I will click on Offers in the first dropdown menu and wait for the results.

In a few seconds, you will have statistics for all the offers available on Mobidea.

It’s a long list to analyze.

To make your life easier, you should use Filters

Let’s assume you are looking specifically for a Sweepstake offer.
What to do?

Select Sweepstakes.

Want to narrow your search?

Insert a country, a specific Device Type, or even an Operator and apply filters.

Here’s the result!

Take every metric you check for the offer into account.

Your goal? To choose the offer that best suits your traffic.

Use Mobidea’s Opportunities to find trending segments and amazing offers!

We’re happy to provide fully transparent information so you can easily see what’s hot at the moment.

Good luck with your campaigns!

Bye bye!