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UngAds Coupon: Get $50 Bonus

UngAds is a global advertising network that offers a full suite of advertising and monetization solutions for marketers and publishers. With its innovative technology and advanced targeting capabilities, UngAds ensures high-quality traffic and improved ROI for advertisers.

It offers three advertising formats: push notification ads, popunder ads, and native ads.

Some of UngAds’ key features are:

  • Advanced Targeting: Enables advertisers to reach their target audience based on various metrics like location, device, operating system, browser, and more.Good Traffic Volume: With vast reach, especially with push notification ads, UngAds ensures increased exposure for advertisers.
  • Competitive Pricing: It offers competitive pricing models like CPC, CPM, and CPA (for popunders only).
  • Dedicated Account Managers: Advertisers can get personalized support from the dedicated account managers at UngAds.
  • Fast Campaign Moderation: Ads are approved within 20 minutes of submission, ensuring faster campaign deployments.

This network is a great choice for advertisers who want to get high-quality traffic at an affordable price. With its advanced targeting capabilities and dedicated support team, it’s easy to launch successful campaigns.

Claim Your UngAds Coupon

Test it out today! Use our exclusive coupon code MOBIDEA and get a bonus of $50 on your first deposit.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer! The bonus is available for a limited time only. Hurry and take advantage of this exclusive promotion before it ends on December 24, 2023.

Act now and catapult your advertising campaigns to new heights with UngAds! Click here to sign up.

Wanna learn more about their platform? Read our in-depth UngAds review.

Traffic Sources

JuicyAds Coupon: Get $100 Bonus To Your Balance

Why Choose JuicyAds?

Are you looking for a high-performing adult advertising network that can help you maximize your ROI and effectively target your core audience? Look no further than JuicyAds.

With its extensive reach and targeted approach, JuicyAds is the perfect solution for affiliate marketers who are looking for premium adult traffic sources.

Some of the main features of JuicyAds include the following:

  • Holds 11% of the top adult websites online (based on Alexa list);
  • Choose the exact website and ad spot to promote on through the Direct Buy option;
  • Use SexyTechnology and Adsistant for optimizing ad campaigns and finding relevant ad spots;
  • Has an option for Outbid Auction in case you want to buy an ad spot for when it becomes ready to accept bids;
  • Edit the targeting filters on RON campaigns to find users that closely match what you are looking for;
  • Low minimum deposit of just $50 for Direct Buy ads and $100 for RON ads.

Not only is Juicy Ads a powerful advertising network, but it’s also user-friendly and transparent.

With its easy-to-use platform and detailed reporting features, you’ll always be in control of your advertising spend and can easily track your results.

Activating JuicyAds Coupon

If you’re ready to get started then we’ve got an awesome offer for you!

As a new user of Juicy Ads, you have the exclusive opportunity to get a $100 bonus on deposits of $100 or more.

Just use the promo code MOBIDEA on your first top-up.

This offer is only available to new accounts, so don’t miss out on the chance to gain an edge over your competitors.

Don’t wait — start maximizing your ROI and reaching your core audience today with JuicyAds.

Still in doubt? Check our comprehensive JuicyAds review and see the difference it can make in your advertising campaigns.

Traffic Sources

Cloaking House Coupon

Imagine a world where savvy marketers like yourself can hide their secret sauce from the prying eyes of competitors, all while gaining approval from even the strictest of traffic networks.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the realm of the Cloaking House — your personal invisibility cloak on the internet. Picture it as your magical, digital haven where your highly-converting landing pages can frolic and play without fear of being ripped off by pesky competitors.

This innovative link cloaking tool not only shields your hard work from the unwanted gaze of others, but also helps you win the golden ticket to traffic network acceptance. In a digital landscape filled with copycats and ultra-strict gatekeepers, Cloaking House is the witty and trusty sidekick you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s kick off your cloaking journey with a 30% discount on your first purchase of any plan!

Whether you choose the Starter, Basic or Premium Plan, or if you decide to pay monthly or annually, our discount code has got you covered!

Just use the promo code MOBIDEA during payment, and you’re good to go.

Link Cloakers

AdOperator Coupon – Get a $200 Balance Bonus

Why AdOperator?

If you’re looking for the most effective way to advertise online, you’ve come to the right place! AdOperator offers more than just quality service — it’s an Advertising Network built for success.

With filtered traffic from over 6000 direct publishers, a team of customer support experts who are results-oriented, integration with the most popular trackers, and an easily manageable system that works with all verticals and niches in any country, AdOperator has quickly become a powerhouse in the advertising industry.

Looking to get your ad up and running quickly?

They’ve got you covered there, too: their quick approval system helps ensure no time is wasted on complicated or slow processes. And with detailed statistics available at your fingertips, you can rest assured that your data is always under control.

Plus, no matter what type of payment system you prefer — they have you covered! So why not take full advantage of advertising with AdOperator today?

Wanna learn more about AdOperator? Read our in-depth AdOperator review.

How To Activate Your AdOperator Coupon

If you’re an advertiser looking to start with Adoperator, the great news is that Mobidea’s coupon codes can give you an amazing boost. All you have to do is register and top up your account—the first 100 people will get an extra special bonus from us using our special codes.

For a top-up of $2000 or more, use the promo code MOBIDEA200 and get a $200 bonus in your balance.

If you ever need help during your journey as an advertised in AdOperator, there are plenty of ways to contact the support team:

Telegram bot: @adoperator_official_bot


Skype: live:.cid.ae036f1c3bf6fd48

Traffic Sources

HilltopAds Coupon – Get $150 Bonus

Why Do You Need HilltopAds?

Looking for premium traffic sources and high conversion rates?

See the effectiveness of HilltopAds advertising – run Popunder, In-Page, and Video In-stream ads on high-activity users worldwide using a self-service platform.

Target by cities, countries, apps, US states, mobile carriers, Browsers and OS, and more.

Optimize campaigns in your personal account using the White/Black lists method by setting up Postback conversions.

Your personal manager is constantly in touch via telegram, mail, skype, or online chat.

By registering with HilltopAds, you get the following:

  • Verified traffic from direct traffic sources;
  • Segmentation of traffic by user activity;
  • Many convenient methods of deposit replenishment from only $50;
  • The ability to show your ads to the most active users all over the world;
  • Conversions for offers from all verticals.

How To Activate HilltopAds Coupon?

Easy! Just three steps separate you from a successful ad launch:

  • Register here as an advertiser;
  • Make your first deposit and enter the promotional code in the promo code field;
  • Get your bonus and follow the progress of your campaigns!

Deposit $1000 or more and get +$150 to your balance!
Use promo code MOBIDEA150.

Deposit from $500 to $999 and get +$70 to your balance!
Use promo code MOBIDEA70.

Deposit from $100 to $499 and get +$10 to your balance!
Use promo code MOBIDEA10.

Join HilltopAds now and get a high profit from running your ads!

Wanna know more about HilltopAds? Read our in-depth HilltopAds review.

Traffic Sources

Coinis Coupon: Get 15% Bonus to Your Balance

Why Coinis?

Coinis is one of the leading networks when it comes to push traffic.

They have over 100 million subscribed users to receive push notifications, so there is a high chance you’ll find your perfect audience.

You can push your numbers to the sky with high-converting traffic in each vertical, especially with utility offers such as anti-virus, VPN offers, software updates, etc.

The platform is super easy to use and has some great features to help you create winning campaigns.

How to Activate Your Coinis Coupon

Sign up today with our exclusive Coinis coupon MOB15 and receive a 15% bonus on your first deposit of at least $100. The maximum bonus amount is $150.

After adding the deposit, you will be ready to create your first campaign, which you can make in under 3 minutes thanks to easy UI (if you have your creatives ready).

Wanna know more about this traffic source? Read our full Coinis review here.

Traffic Sources

MyBid Coupon – Get $50 Extra Balance

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

AdSpyglass Coupon: Get $50 Platform Credit

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

Galaksion Coupon: Instantly Boost Your Balance by up to 15%

Get high converting traffic for the hottest offers with our exclusive Galaksion coupon.

This international ad network has exclusive publishers in over 190 countries, making them one of the most popular traffic sources for mobile affiliates worldwide.

Sign up to Galaksion today with $50 or more and get 15% extra added to the value of your first deposit!

Expiration date: 20 December, 2022

Why Choose Galaksion?

As an advertiser, you need an ad network that gives you results. Galaksion offers you an exclusive network of high quality publishers, so you can test your offers far and wide.

Find untapped markets with Galaksion’s extensive targeting capabilities, and use the platform’s smart targeting features to optimize your campaigns, giving you more time to focus on your ads.

Related content: Galaksion Review

Here are just a few reasons to work with Galaksion:

  • Advertise your offers to a worldwide audience with exclusive publishers in Asia, American, Canadian, Indian, European, and Latin American markets
  • Excellent choice of ad formats, including Push Notifications, On-page Notifications, Popunders, Native Ads, Interstitial Ads
  • Take control of your spending with CPC, CPM, and CPA goal price models
  • Get fantastic results in popular verticals, including Mobile content, Sweepstakes, VPN, Mobile apps, Utilities, Downloads, Finance & eCommerce
  • Extensive targeting options, including Geo, Platform, OS, Browser, Blacklist/whitelist, Regions, Cities, Languages, ISP
  • Save time on campaign creation with a choice of hundreds of high converting recommended creatives templates

Claim Your Galaksion Coupon

Here’s how to claim your Galaksion coupon:

  1. Create an advertiser account
  2. Fund your account from just $50
  3. Use the promo code MOBIDEA15 to instantly boost your balance by 15%!
Traffic Sources

ClickAdilla Coupon: Exclusive $55 Bonus

If you’re looking for a turnkey solution to advertising on a global scale, look no further than ClickAdilla.

This international self-serve ad network provides access to over 4.5 billion users worldwide and allows you to track performance in real-time while making changes on the fly.

Some of its best features include the following:

  • 13 Ad Formats available
  • Huge traffic volume with wide reach (4.5 billion users from 240 countries)
  • Adult and mainstream traffic
  • Multiple ways to purchase traffic (self-service platform, open RTB, API)
  • Streamlined interface
  • Quick and easy integration with third-party tools
  • Fast campaign moderation

ClickAdilla is serious about furnishing advertisers with several ways to reach their audiences by providing these ad types:

  • Popunder ads
  • Banner ads
  • Full-page interstitials
  • In-page push
  • In-app ads
  • Web push
  • iOS calendar ads
  • Native ads
  • Gallery traffic
  • Direct links
  • In-stream video ads
  • Video slider
  • Out-stream video ads

Adding funds to your account is also easy as a pie as there are numerous ways to do so. The minimum is $50, and you can top up via credit card, bank transfer, Paxum, Payeer, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Stripe, Qiwi, USDT, and Coinbase.

Sign up today using our coupon code MOBIDEA55 to get a $55 bonus when you deposit at least $250 on your first top-up.

Why wait?

Start reaching more customers than ever before!

Traffic Sources

AdMaven Coupon – Get $50 Balance Bonus

Why AdMaven?

Promote Push and Pop ads to over 1 Billion users worldwide with this leading advertising platform.

Amplify your earnings and reach a global audience of users with high-quality direct traffic from AdMaven.

With high converting traffic from file-sharing sites, sport-related sites, and video streaming sites, AdMaven is killer for Push (Web Push and In-Page Push) and Popunder campaigns.

You can get great results in many verticals, including sweepstakes and casino offers, and the campaign targeting and auto-optimization tools can be used to adjust your bids for lower costs, while filtering out low-performing traffic sources.

It also has some neat features, such as optimizing your campaigns based on publisher feed, along with insane traffic quality.

How To Activate Your AdMaven Coupon

Sign up today and get a $50 welcome bonus using our AdMaven coupon via this link.

With a minimum deposit of just $100, it’s easy to get started, and you’ll find there’s plenty of volumes to scale your campaigns.

New users even get a dedicated account manager, and you can use the optimization tools to get a high number of conversions at a reasonable price.

Promo is valid to new members only.

Expiration date: 31 December, 2022

Traffic Sources

SpyCombo Coupon: Exclusive 20% OFF

SpyCombo is the ultimate solution for tracking your competitors’ ad campaigns for the most popular ad format working on 95+ GEOs!

SpyCombo includes:

  • SpyPush (AdMaven, Richpush, Evadav, PropellerAds, Trending.Bid. Daopush, Clickstar, Adsterra);
  • SpyNative (AdBlade, Adnow, MGID, Outbrain, RevContent, Taboola, Adskeeper);
  • SpyPop (AdMaven, Adsterra, Eroadvertising, Exoclick, Popads, PopCash, PropellerAds, TrafficJunky);
  • SpyAdult (Exoclick, Jucyads, TrafficFactory, TrafficStars, TrafficJunky, EroAdvertising).

The tool’s features:

  • Unlimited free trial version (no cc, You can use it completely FREE)
  • Large native ad base (500,000+ ads)
  • Large popunder ad base (200,000+ ads)
  • Large adult ad base (600,000+ ads)
  • Large push ad base (1000,000+ ads)
  • Daily update
  • Extended support
  • All analysis filters (keyword, advertiser, language, COUNTRY, OS, TRACKER AND BANNER’S SIZE)
  • Landing downloads in 1 click
  • Creative detail page with full information about redirect chains, landings and similar creatives

Get an exclusive 20% off by using our SpyCombo coupon – MOBIDEA20

Spy Tools

EZmob Coupon – Get $100 Free Bonus On Your Account

Exclusive EZmob Coupon Promo

We are excited to announce an exclusive offer for you in collaboration with EZmob, the self-serve ad network known for enabling media buyers, affiliate marketers, app developers, and website owners to expand their online presence and meet their marketing objectives.

Recognizing the value that Mobidea Academy’s users bring to the digital advertising ecosystem, EZmob is providing an exceptional bonus to all new users.

Upon making your first deposit of $300, you will receive a free bonus of $100!

This exclusive offer will allow you to explore and leverage EZmob’s superior ad formats, like Popunder, Push, Banner, and Native ads, and robust targeting options, including OS, Device, Platform, Placement, IP, and more, to achieve your marketing goals.

How to Claim Your EZmob Bonus

This offer is only available when you register through this URL and with the promo code EZID23. This offer is valid till the 31st of Dec., 2023.

This is an incredible opportunity to kickstart your advertising journey with EZmob and experience the power of their advanced XML technology, bot-free traffic, and 24/7 client support.

You can use your bonus to promote affiliate offers, drive app installs, or run content arbitrage campaigns. The possibilities are limitless!

Take advantage of this exclusive offer today to maximize your ad campaigns and reach your potential with EZmob. Remember, this offer is available only for a limited period, so make your first deposit today and start leveraging EZmob’s innovative ad platform.

Traffic Sources

Adcash Coupon: Exclusive 20% Top Up Bonus

Reach your target audience with over 50K active publishers in 195 countries around the world!

Hit the road to rocking returns by…

  • Creating your new Adcash account today
  • Load funds to your account with a budget between $/€200 to $/€1000
  • Use the promo code: MOBIDEA23

And Boom! 💥

Your account will be instantly credited with a whopping 20% top-up bonus!

Things to know

The above offer is applicable to new clients only.

Adcash is a globally recognized online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.

State-of-the-art in-house optimization technology together with 15+ years of proven ad tech experience ensures you and your business always have the best digital advertising tools at your

disposal, with powerful results and expert support.

Traffic Sources

RollerAds Promo Code – 15% Bonus

RollerAds is a self-service, high-performance ad network with worldwide coverage and some powerful in-house optimization tools.

With 10K+ direct publishers, 2B+ daily impressions and 2.5M daily clicks, RollerAds has some impressive stats.

Ad Formats:

  • Push Ads
  • In-Page Push
  • Popunder

How to claim your RollerAds coupon code?

Sign up on their platform and share the coupon code MobideaRoll with your Account Manager.

Make a deposit of at least $50 and receive your 15% bonus on the first deposit.

Note: Promo code is available for the new advertisers only.

Traffic Sources

Push.House Coupon: Exclusive 10% Bonus

Looking for a good push network?

Push.House is a push advertising network that cares about your profit and high ROI!

The numbers:

  • Traffic in over 180 GEOs;
  • 526 million active subscribers;
  • 14 billion daily impressions;
  • 31 million daily clicks.

Along these numbers, Push.House also provides a bunch of accurate and unique tools to all its users:

  • The most popular formats for working with push traffic (iOS Push, In-Page push, Classic Push).
  • Over 15 tools for your campaigns.
  • Black/ White lists (by IP, by site ID).
  • Only unique clicks.
  • Referral system up to 3%.
  • Internal Spy service with ready-made creatives.
  • More than 360 mln. active subscriptions + feeds.
  • Minimum deposit of $50.

Specifically for Mobidea Academy readers, they have prepared a 10% promo code for the first deposit.

How to claim your bonus?

  1. Go to the Finance page.
  2. Choose the payment method.
  3. Add the top up amount.
  4. Click top up.
  5. Go back to the finance page and add the promo code mobidea to redeem your 10% bonus.
Traffic Sources

TrafficStars Coupon Code

Searching for high-converting adult traffic? TrafficStars is your choice!

TrafficStars is a legendary ad network in the adult niche and well known for its premium traffic.

Here are all the ad formats available on TrafficStars:

  • Banners
  • Push
  • In-Page Push
  • Popunders
  • Native
  • Video Pre-Roll
  • Video IM Slider
  • Video X Pre-Roll
  • Full-Page Interstitial

How to claim your TrafficStars coupon code?

  1. Signup on their platform and share the coupon code MobideaTS with your Account Manager.
  2. Make a deposit of at least $100 and receive your bonus.

What is the bonus?

  • For deposits up to $500, get $50 extra.
  • For deposits over $500, get 10% extra!

Note: Promo code is available for the new accounts only.

Traffic Sources

RichAds Promo Code: 10% Bonus Balance

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

Adsterra Coupon: Get $50 Bonus

Why Adsterra?

  • 1,000,000,000 impressions daily, 248 countries, 20+ targeting options, up to 15 creatives for each A/B test and 8 years on the market.
  • Fully customizable Social Bar format — shape it into anything you want and get 10-30 higher СTR than Web Push. Working on all OS and browsers.
  • A variety of classic ad formats. Popunder, Push Ads, Native Ads, Banner Ads, Social Bar, Direct Link and VAST video.
  • Fully automized Self-Serve Platform. Easy-to-use experience for those who prefer to work without a manager.
  • Rapid moderation. Easy start and approval without unnecessary hassle.
  • More than support. We not only answer all your questions 24/7, but also help you to optimize your income specifically in your case.

How to Claim Your Adsterra Coupon

Do you want quality direct traffic from around the world and $50 extra on your account?

Sign up on Adsterra with this exclusive promo code KAZWFNG8, and deposit $200 to get an extra $50.

Expiration date: September 26, 2023.

Note: Available only to new users.

Traffic Sources

RUNative Coupon Code: Up to $100 Bonus

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

ActiveRevenue Coupon – Get 20% Extra Balance

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

PowerAdSpy Coupon: 10% Lifetime Discount

Take advantage of our exclusive lifetime PowerAdSpy coupon!

PowerAdSpy is the Google of Ads, helping customers search and analyze every digital ad on the planet, be it in search, display, social, native or mobile.

Here are the platforms you can spy on:

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Google Display
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Native Ads

Give it a try and use our promo code mobidea10 to get 10% off for life!

Spy Tools

Affise Promo Code: 10% Off + 30-Day Free Trial

Take advantage of not only a 30-day free trial but also a discount for the first month at Affise.

Affise is a SaaS Performance Marketing Platform for advertisers, agencies, and networks to manage, track, analyze and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time.

Both big and small companies are using Affise to drive their business forward with conversion-based costs instead of paying for clicks.

Be among them!

Here’s what you can expect when choosing Affise:

  • Total budget control
  • 24/7 Support
  • Feature-rich API
  • Smooth migration
  • and much more…

Whether you think of switching to Affise from other platforms or you are new in business and want to start with Affise, with their on boarding package and automated offers pulling service, CPAPI, your migration, and the setup process will be fast and easy.

Manage your ad campaigns successfully with Affise!

Don’t forget to use the promo code Mobidea10 to get 10% off!

Read our Affise Review here and learn everything you need to know about their platform.

Campaign Management

EvaDav Promo Code: Exclusive Bonus

  1. Get access to our EvaDav promo code on deposits for new users.

EvaDav is one of the leading ad networks in the industry and well known for its push notifications ad format.

Here are all the ad formats available on EvaDav:

  • Push Notifications
  • Native Ads
  • Pops
  • Display

EvaDav has a worldwide reach of 250 GEOs and 100B monthly impressions, and you can expect top-notch ad inventory.

Take advantage of the following promo codes:

  • For deposits of $300, get a $50 bonus with the promo code mobidea50.
  • For deposits of $600, get a $100 bonus with the promo code mobidea100.


Traffic Sources

AdsBridge Promo Code: 50% Discount Coupon

AdsBridge is the first tracker and traffic distribution system with its own Smartlinks!

The wide range of functions makes this tool a great help for any affiliate – from beginner to super affiliate.

Improve your campaigns with highly accurate auto-optimization and monetize every click of your traffic with 8 Smartlinks in various verticals.

Moreover, with AdsBridge you get:

  • Extra sensible Anti-fraud detector;
  • Detailed statistics;
  • Free SSL for the domains bought from your account;
  • Tracking without redirects especially for Facebook and Google Ads;
  • Landing page builder and much more.

In case you have any additional questions, their support team quickly answers to you.

Use the promo code Mobidea50 and get your one time 50% discount on any subscription plan, except Starter plan.


MagicAdz Promo Code: Lifetime 15% Discount Coupon

Editor’s note: MagicAdz is no longer available, find other spy tools alternatives here.

MagicAdz is a great Facebook ad spy tool. Their advanced AI system brings some really hot stuff to the table.

Unlike other tools, MagicAdz is designed especially for affiliates and their unique needs.

The tool automatically finds affiliate ads and singles them out from branding ads. Affiliates can easily filter any ads by their verticals or search inside ads, landing pages and more.

No matter what hat you wear MagicAdz can help you get the info you need to maximize your performance.

So what do they have?

  • Filter for affiliate ads only and their verticals – for example, casino, crypto, sweeps, nutra, solar, or any other.
  • Preview and download pre-landers, including cloaked ones.
  • Powerful search: by ads, user comments, redirects, or landing page search including specific HTML code!
  • Search by offer section- easily search by the offer and see the ads connected to this offer.
  • Filter eCommerce ads – from the biggest platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and more.

Big words, we know. That’s why we’d suggest you just try their one-day free trial and see how much you can benefit from using the tool.

Use the promo code spy15 to get a 15% lifetime discount on the Pro and Premium plans!

To learn more about this tool, read our in-depth MagicAdz Review.

Spy Tools

affLIFT Discount Promo Code: 25% Off Your Subscription

Join one of the most helpful and friendly affiliate marketing forum today and get 25% off your membership!

affLIFT memberships start at $20/month but you can join today for just $15 if you use our affLIFT promo code – MOBIDEA.

Get access to hundreds of example campaigns, guides, and discussions about everything related to affiliate marketing.


DatsPush Promo Code

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

BidVertiser Coupon: Get 15% Bonus Instantly

Use this exclusive BidVertiser coupon code and get a 15% bonus on your account!

BidVertiser is a fantastic solution for affiliates that are seeking a top-notch self-serve platform that delivers highly converting traffic. BidVertiser has everything that affiliates need to turn traffic into money – exclusive traffic, segmented targeting, various tracking options and detailed analytics.

Here’s how to claim your BidVertiser coupon:

  1. Create an advertiser account
  2. Activate your account
  3. Deposit at least $100 with the promo code: BIDIDEA50
  4. Boom! 15% bonus in your account!

Upon utilizing the coupon BIDIDEA50 at the deposit, a 15% bonus will be added to your account when using for PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum, or WebMoney. For payments with Crypto, Payoneer, or Skrill, kindly reach out to your account manager subsequent to the deposit so they can manually add the 15% bonus to your account.

Use this coupon to create your first campaign today!

Traffic Sources

TheOptimizer Coupons: Save 70% on All Products

TheOptimizer provides the most advanced suite of campaign management and automatic optimization platforms for native, pop/redirect/push and adult display traffic.

Integrated with the top native, pop/push and adult display traffic networks and tracking platforms via API, enables you to manage and scale your affiliate marketing campaigns like a super affiliate, without having to sacrifice your current campaigns setup.

TheOptimizer provides tree different platforms:

Here’s a quick breakdown on how TheOptimizer can help you get the most out of your campaigns:

Automatically aggregates the statistics of your campaign (traffic source & tracker)

  • Showing accurate cust, revenue, net profit, and clicks on several levels, like Campaign, Publisher, Placement, and Ads (depending on the ad format).
  • Helps you on quickly spotting any clicks difference from your traffic source to your tracker.

Gives you a competitive edge by taking care of your optimization tasks like

  • Automatically pause or start campaigns, publishers, and ads based on the conditions you like to.
  • Automatically change bids on the campaign, publisher or ad level when certain roi or epc goals are being met
  • Automatically increase or decrease your campaigns daily budgets based on its daily results.
  • Collect and share automatically created blacklists among several campaigns in order to drastically cut down your testing budgets.

Cuts your campaigns and ad creation time and complexity

  • Quickly create and upload multiple images and headline ad variations on your new or existing campaigns
  • Quickly import existing ads from one campaign to another.
  • Effortlessly duplicate existing campaigns and/or create multiple new ones in one flow (ie. three separate campaigns for desktop, mobile, and tablet using the same ads and/or links.)
Campaign Management

Mobidea Push Promo Code: Get 10% Extra Balance

With all the talk about the power of push notifications, we thought we’d cut to the chase and make it easy for everybody.

So we built Mobidea Push.

Mobidea Push is a single dashboard for push and campaign management connected to 20+ push traffic suppliers, that will take your business to the next level!

Enjoy exceptional ad visibility and CR, and serve your ads to real users who want to see them.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Take advantage of HUGE volumes – 10 billion requests a day (yes … you read that right – billion).
  • One-stop solution. This all-in-one platform makes launching campaigns with over 45 traffic sources SUPER easy.
  • More control. Decide exactly how many times a user is seeing your push notification each day. Finally a capping feature for push that works.
  • 2X conversions. Maximize ROI by targeting only newly registered users with our audience freshness feature.
  • Fast A/B testing. Effortlessly split test different creatives to make sure your campaign is optimized for conversions.
  • Sleep easy. Know you’re only getting high-quality clicks and strictly no bots with our anti-fraud controls.
  • Not Limited to Mobidea Offers.
  • Full Integration with Mobidea Wallet.

Remember if you ever have any questions or need any support with your campaign Mobidea’s experts will help you.

Get in touch anytime via live chat or email ( They are always there to help you with your affiliate journey.

How to claim the bonus?

Here’s the deal: to all the Mobidea Academy readers, we’ve got a special bonus! Use the promo code academy10 in the cashier and get a 10% bonus on your first deposit of at least $100. The maximum bonus is up to $2500.

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Traffic Sources

WPX Hosting Coupon: Exclusive 50% Off

Looking for a top-notch managed WordPress hosting?

WPX Hosting is giving a 50% discount to every new client on any hosting plan for the first month.

Are you a beginner?

No worries, the WPX Hosting support team is just amazing!

Enjoy a service with:

  • Multiple Data Center Locations
  • Unlimited Visitors (you only pay for bandwidth)
  • Full SSD
  • Latest PHP Version
  • Automatic Backups covering the last 14 days
  • Security Features (DDOS and malware protection)
  • Unlimited Hack Repairs
  • Unlimited Free SSL
  • And many more…

This deal is exclusive for Mobidea Academy readers.

All you’ve gotta do to claim it is:

Step 1: Sign-up for a monthly paid plan

Step 2: Use promo code “AcademyFans”


SpyPush Coupon: Exclusive 20% OFF

Push Notifications will be making headlines this year as one of every media buyer’s favorite formats.

SpyPush enters the scene as the first professional spy tool for push traffic that allows you to learn a great amount of what works for your competition by researching their ads and analyzing their funnels, thus saving you a ton of money in the process.

The tool’s features:

  • A vast database of 200,000+ ads
  • Regular updates of creatives (10,000+ new additions to the database daily)
  • Many filters to work with
  • 7 push ads traffic sources supported (MegaPush, PropellerAds, MGIDEvaDav, and more)
  • 140+ countries available for analysis
  • Regular subscription price: only $49 per month.

Exclusively for Academy readers, SpyPush is offering a 20% Discount on your first payment.

All you’ve gotta do is pick a 1-month, 3-month or a 6-month subscription plan.

Grab it with coupon code MOBIDEA20.

Spy Tools

SelfAdvertiser Bonus Promocode: Get 20% bonus on your deposit

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

RedTrack Coupon 25% Off for 3 Months (+ 14-day FREE account)

RedTrack is one of the industry’s most popular cloud-based ad tracking solutions. Their exclusive discount to Mobidea Academy readers gives you access to the service at 25% OFF for 3 entire months.

All you gotta do is use our exclusive RedTrack coupon code: MOBIDEA.

Track impressions, clicks and conversions with sophisticated analytics:

  • Hassle-free interface
  • Multi-user access
  • A/B testing
  • CPC, CPA, CPM, Revshare
  • 30+ data metrics
  • Multiple filters for traffic distribution
  • Advanced redirect rules

RedTrack is an advanced SaaS ad tracking and analytics platform with a friendly expert support team who will onboard you in just a few minutes.

Not sure yet? Register for a 14-day FREE run to test drive before you grab the 3 discounted months.

Claim this RedTrack coupon below!


Binom Coupon: 30-Day Free Account + 40% Off Next Month

We’ve been receiving a lot of messages from our readers asking for a Binom coupon, and here it is!

Binom is a self-hosted tracking solution that gives you:

  • 15M+ clicks per day
  • All-in-one solution for pop, mobile, native, Facebook traffic
  • Live-Chat Support 7 days / week
  • Hassle-Free Setup in less than 25 minutes

Binom’s dope support team are gonna help you choose the perfect server and install your tracker in no time. And you don’t need to sweat your lack of technical knowledge either – these guys have you covered!

Take advantage of this exclusive Binom discount and get 1 free month, and 40% off on the second month by using the promo code MOBIDEA!

Click on the button below to claim the deal.


BeMob Coupon Exclusive 25% Discount

Looking for a tracking solution?

No need to look any further – BeMob’s got you covered!

This tracking solution with its complete set of tools allows you to run ad campaigns in a super-efficient way.

BeMob users are enjoying crazy fast redirect speed, detailed reporting, frequent updates, friendly support, fair pricing.

Register and you’re gonna get free access for testing BeMob features and 1M bonus events.

But that’s not all, bro!

A 25% Off Bonus is offered to all Mobidea Academy readers for 3 full months with the promo code MOBIDEA!

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Zeropark Coupon Code: Exclusive Bonus

Exclusive Zeropark Coupon Code

Looking for a source of quality push, pop or domain traffic?

Look no further.

  • Get a 5% bonus if you top up $200 or more
  • Get a 10% bonus if you top up $500 or more
  • Get a 15% bonus if you top up $1000 or more

This exclusive offer is for new customers only and is only valid with the first top up.

Zeropark is the source of well-converting Push, Pop and Domain traffic for your performance marketing campaigns. They offer billions of impressions on CPC and CPV bases to thousands of users all around the world.

With Zeropark you get robust targeting options, anti-fraud solutions, automated campaign optimization tools, fast approval times and much more.

All you need to do to claim the bonus is to enter the promo code “MOBIDEA_BONUS” in the registration form and/or in your Zeropark dashboard at the first deposit.

Traffic Sources

Voluum Coupon Code – Exclusive 60% Discount

Take advantage of this exclusive Voluum coupon code (100% working)!

Track, manage, and optimize all your advertising campaigns in one place. Explore the powerful features and skyrocket your performance.

Voluum is a cloud-hosted tracking software that provides you with strategic analytics insights and AI-powered optimization tools.

To help you maximize your performance, the support team will personally guide you through the onboarding process.

Now is the time to turn your ad clicks into conversions.

Click the button below to get this awesome Voluum discount.

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Shopify Free Trial: The Easiest Way to Start an eCommerce Store

If you’re taking eCommerce by storm, it’s hard to imagine you’re skipping Shopify.

To give you a kickstart, they are offering a 14-day free trial!

Setup your store and get to know the platform inside out before you decide to commit to a paid service!

shopify free trial

Here’s what you can accomplish in 14 days:

  • Add products and product details. Test and edit until what you see WOWs you!
  • Organize your products in a collection
  • Set up Shopify Payments
  • Set up a third-party payment provider supported by Shopify
  • Master the Settings page – configure taxes, shipping, and other sales channels
  • Explore the Shopify Theme Store for ideas on beautifying your store
  • Explore the Shopify App Store to find any apps to customize what your store can deliver

Here are the best perks for you:

  1. Zero coding skills required
  2. You can’t start selling before you have everything setup. So why pay for preparing the ground, when you can do it for free?
  3. If you decide Shopify is not the right platform, you simply don’t choose a plan at the end of your trial period. There will be no surprise charges, just your store being ‘frozen’
  4. If you decide to go pro, pick a plan and continue with your store – you won’t lose any of the work you’ve done

Sounds like a good deal to us!


AdPlexity eCommerce 25% Lifetime Discount Coupon 2018

You keep asking yourself how do the big guys in eCommerce do it, right?

We also bet you don’t find an easy answer.

Here’s the plot twist!

You shouldn’t ask. You have to spy!

eCommerse has never been hotter and we’ve got something that will be a game-changer!

AdPlexity‘s eCommerce service will take you through the short cuts of eCommerce. With it you’re gonna:

  • Spy on top converting eCommerce venues from 100,000+ Shopify stores
  • Pull VIP information on 70,000,000+ products
  • Be the first to know about new arrivals before they even hit the shelves
  • Stay on top of your game with information on historic price changes

And guess what!

You’ll get a 25% lifetime coupon if you signup through Mobidea.

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Constant Contact Free Account (Exclusive Free Trial)

Constant Contact makes it fast and easy to get traction from email marketing even for beginners.

Their state-of-the-art email editor is built for speed – just drag and drop!

With powerful features (like Customizable Action Blocks, Segmentation, Email List Growth Tools, Deliverability Reports, etc.) and FREE Live Support, you’ll reach more customers and drive superb results with every email sent.

Try Constant Contact free with this exclusive trial (no credit card required)!

The trial is valid for 60 days (US, Canada) and 30 days for all other countries.

Email Marketing

Clickadu Coupon Code: Up to 10% Extra Balance

Are you looking for premium traffic?

If yes, then Clickadu is your next stop!

Clickadu Ad Formats

On Clikadu, you’ll be able to buy traffic from the following ad formats:

  • Push
  • In-Page Push
  • Pop
  • Banner
  • Video

Sign up on their self-service platform with the coupon Mobiclick and you’re gonna get a sweet starter bonus.

Follow these steps to activate the promo code:

  • Sign-up with promo code Mobiclick
  • Top up your account
  • $100 or more for a $20 extra in your balance
  • $300 and more for a 10% extra

Start earning!

It’s instant gratification, dude!

Traffic Sources

RichPush 10% Bonus Promo Code

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

Proxy-Seller Exclusive Promo Code

Get a 15% discount for the personal proxy from Proxy-Seller!

Proxy-Seller is one of the leaders in the IPV4 and IPV6 proxy market.

It’s got a simple and user-friendly interface, a multifunctional personal cabinet, an awesome technical support 24/7, a referral program, and much more!

Proxy-Seller showcases a tremendous diversity – 70 networks and 150 subnetworks.

Don’t waste your chance!

Get a cool proxy for a super sweet price with the promo code “mobidea”!


SpyOver Promo Code: Exclusive 30% Discount

Get 30% Off on SpyOver with this awesome coupon code!

Take advantage of 30% off the price of a SpyOver subscription!

SpyOver is a Native Ad Monitoring and Analytics service.

It actually tracks native ads and landing pages all around the world!

You can find the hottest native ads, landing pages, and you can determine the winning combination of your competitors!

Manage to get some new ideas for promotions and become a successful affiliate marketing master like it ain’t no big deal!

Use the promo code MobideaBro and you’ll get access to all the data and all the amazing features this service has got for you!

Click the button below to claim it.

Spy Tools

Domain Hunter Gatherer 10% Lifetime Coupon Code

Get a 10% Lifetime Coupon Code for any subscription on Domain Hunter Gatherer!

This is the most important expired domain hunting and evaluating software which means you’ve gotta dig into this discount right away!

Wanna get 7 professional grade tools that’ll allow you to find and grade expired domains in your niche?

Then go ahead and claim this Domain Hunter Gatherer Coupon Code!

Coupon code: mobidea


KWFinder 15% Lifetime Promo Code (2019 Coupon)

Enjoy a super user-friendly SEO tool with an exclusive KWFinder promo code.

Now, you’ll be not only able to count with KWFinder but also with 3 other SEO tools in the same package.

You can test these tools for free and explore their features in many video guides.

Each plan gives you the ability to take full advantage of Keyword Research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and account management!

Here are the tools included in the package:

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner

Claim this 15% lifetime discount now!

SEO Coupons

Template Monster 15% Off Promo Code 2018

Are you planning to launch a website? Or even install some powerful plugins on your current one? Then this is the right deal for you!

Take advantage of an exclusive promo code and get 15% off on any products on Template Monster.

Template Monster is an open marketplace with an incredible diversity of products!

There, you’ll be able to find CMS themes, E-Commerce themes, Adult themes, plugins, assets, and much more!

What to do?

  1. Just copy the special Promo Code at the end of this page and click the Claim This Deal button
  2. Paste the coupon code on Template Monster’s checkout page as shown below

template monster checkout page

Go for it!

Website Templates

Ivacy VPN Extra 10% Coupon Code

Get an additional 10% discount on Ivacy VPN and rule the online world!

This coupon code will add a 10% discount on top of the discount that’s already being offered on their website.

Ivacy VPN is a service that allows you to explore servers which hail from 450+ territories.

This service also provides cool additional benefits such as privacy, security, blocking, and much more!

With Ivacy VPN’s streaming service, you can also access such channels as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or Netflix!

Claim this additional 10% discount coupon!


Adskeeper Coupon

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

Long Tail Pro Discount Coupon

Get an Exclusive 30% Coupon Code on Long Tail Pro!

This amazing SEO tool allows you to find low competition keywords for your site super quick.

On Long Tail Pro, you’ll also be able to perform an in-depth competitive analysis, getting to see the exact breakdown of Google results like a pro.

Wanna become an SEO master and rule the online marketing seas?

Explore this dope discount, bro!

SEO Coupons

WPEngine Coupon Code – 2018 Discount

Get 20% off the first payment with WPEngine!

This is an awesome web hosting for WordPress that’s free of hassle and which offers super fast servers that can basically deal with anything.

WPEngine makes sure your website is impervious to hacking and it’s got a terrific customer service that’s always there for you.

With automatic security updates, one-click restore points, daily backups, top-tier-security, and automatic caching, this really is the web hosting solution you need!

If you select an annual payment plan, you’ll benefit from both the discount and two months free on their annual plans offer.

This offer will basically get you 4 amazing months free on any annual subscription!

The coupon is applied in addition to the standard 2 months free discount when you select the annual plan.


SaferVPN Coupon: Save up to 80%

Get a 80% discount for 3 years and a 58% discount for 1 year with our exclusive SaferVPN coupon!

SaferVPN is a leading VPN service that’s dedicated to providing complete Internet freedom, privacy and security to all users.

They’ve got state-of-the-art tech, an effortless interface, and a dedicated 24/7 customer support.

These guys offer unlimited access to geo-restricted content, browsing the webspace safely and anonymously.

Need a dope VPN service?

Go for it and take advantage of this incredible discount!


Propeller Ads Coupon Code

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Traffic Sources

Exclusive 15% Off AdMobiSpy Discount Coupon

Get a 15% off the price you pay for AdMobiSpy subscription!

AdMobiSpy is an amazing ad spy tool, that allows you to perform advertising analysis like a pro!

Here you’ll get an impressive tool of ads of different networks and can burn a bunch of competitors in a couple of clicks!

The discount will be added automatically as soon as you choose to upgrade your account. This is applicable to any of the plans! Besides, if you subscribe for more than 3 months, you get a bigger discount and pay 20% less!

Spy Tools

Wishpond Coupon – Get $30-Off Any Wishpond Subscription

There are no active coupons at this moment.

You can browse all the coupons here.

Landing Page and Banner Builders

VyprVPN Exclusive 25% Discount Coupon

Get a 25% Discount Coupon on all Annual Plans on VyprVPN!

This is one of the world’s most impressively awesome VPN services which means you’ve gotta explore it to the max!

With VyprVPN, you get to increase privacy and security, including on public Wi-Fi.

Moreover, this service allows you to bypass restrictive networks and censorship.

What more could you need?

Take advantage of the VyprVPN discount!


Landingi Exclusive 15% Discount Coupon

Get an Exclusive 15% Discount Coupon on Landingi!

This is a landing page builder that’s been widely recognized as one of the leading platforms for those of you who need to create high-converting landing pages!

With this powerful tool, you won’t need to waste time learning any complex programming skills.

All you need to do is create your custom landing pages and get some sweet traffic!

Landing Page and Banner Builders

MGID Coupon: Exclusive 25% Bonus (Up to $5000)

Get our MGID coupon of 25% for new users and explore this native advertising network like a pro!

MGID is one of the best native ad networks around and a global pioneer in the realm of native advertising.

This platform reaches more than 850 million unique visitors every month so start checking it out!

Just click the Claim This Deal button below!

Traffic Sources

Hostgator Exclusive 60% Discount Coupon

Get an Exclusive Hostgator Discount Coupon and save 60%!

Hostgator is one of the dopest web hosting services around.

These guys recommend three awesome plans and you can select the one you like and explore away!

hostgator free ssl

With this amazing discount, you’ll get to use one of the world’s most popular web hosting solutions to the max.

Just click the Claim This Deal button below!


AdPlexity Adult Exclusive 25% Lifetime Discount Coupon

Time to take advantage of our Exclusive 25% Lifetime Discount Coupon!

AdPlexity is an ad spy tool known all over the world and recognized as one of the best platforms around!

There, you can check and download promotional materials from super popular ad networks and ad exchanges from more than 70 countries.

Besides Mobile, Native and Desktop, AdPlexity also allows you to explore the adult world to the max!

This truly is the king of spy tools when it comes to the adult game so go for it!

Just click the Claim This Deal button below!

Spy Tools

Bluehost Exclusive 65% Discount Coupon + Free Domain

Get this Exclusive Bluehost discount and save 65%!

Start your website with one of the best hosting services and take advantage of a dope exclusive discount coupon!

This web hosting service has got one-click installation for the most popular softwares such as WordPress, Magento and more.

This means every single thing is already set-up, which makes your life that much easier!

Don’t waste this exclusive 65% discount on Bluehost!

Just click the Claim This Deal button below!


AdPlexity Coupon – Exclusive 30% Lifetime Discount

You really must take advantage of our Exclusive AdPlexity Coupon!

AdPlexity is one of the world’s most popular affiliate spy tools and the tool we always recommend our ambitious affiliates!

When you enter the platform, you’ll get to monitor and also download promo materials such as banners and landing pages from some of the most well-known ad networks and ad exchanges from over 70 different nations.

AdPlexity provides different versions for the following ad formats:

This is the king of spy tools!

Just click the Claim This Deal button below!

Spy Tools

Semrush 14-Day Free Trial Coupon

Get a Free Semrush 14-day trial now of their Guru plan!

Semrush is a mighty powerful tool for SEO that everyone should explore right away!

With Semrush, you get the data you’ll need to create the best content possible and to make sure your advertising strategies are thoroughly optimized!

Semrush provides its users with phenomenally informative analytics reports for them to really be able to get remarkable insights about online advertising strategies, paid and organic search, and also link building.

Normal free trial duration: 7 days

Mobidea’s exclusive free trial duration: 14 days of Semrush Pro plan

Just click the Claim This Deal button below and claim your free 14-day trial!

SEO Coupons

WhatRunsWhere Exclusive 25% Lifetime Discount Coupon

This offer is no longer available.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a competitive spy tool, we recommend you to take a look to our exclusive AdPlexity coupon.

Spy Tools

The Mobidea Academy is partnering up with internet marketing and affiliate marketing tools, services, and plugins to offer exclusive discounts to our dedicated readers and dope affiliates.

Take advantage of these awesome money-saving opportunities to make it rain in your online marketing journey!

We update this page all the time!

Don't forget to stay tuned and come check these deals and discount coupons on a regular basis!

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