MGID Review: Native Advertising Marketplace

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Introduction to MGID

Choosing your native advertising network is by no means a decision you should make lightly.

There are many variables to take into consideration that are all equally influential on the profitability of your business.

Among the native ad networks, MGID has certainly been a reputable name for more than a decade which is one of the reasons we’ve published this in-depth MGID review.

With more than 185 billion impressions per month, MGID is a market leader in the native advertising industry. The global native advertising platform specializes in native, display, push, and video advertising, and is an expert in content promotion.

The self-serve ad network offers valuable traffic insights and campaign tools, including selective bidding, audience reach, and a predictive price recommendation engine, along with the CPC and CPM pricing models, all of which help secure its place as one of the leading native advertising platforms of its kind.

Advertisers and publishers can take advantage of MGID’s adaptive native advertising formats, which include brand performance widgets and push notifications.

There’s also an in-house integrated DSP that allows users to purchase huge volumes of traffic, at the click of a button.

The ad network has a wide variety of automation tools, such as the attention-based auto-placement algorithm, which identifies the highest performing ad placement and automatically displays relevant ads to the user.

MGID: Offers & Verticals

MGID: Payment & Investment

  • Cost Model: The most frequently used pricing model at MGID is CPC. However, the CPM pricing model is also available for brand awareness campaigns. Speak with your account manager for additional support about required information and invoices.
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Payment Methods: MGID has plenty of choices when it comes to payment options. You’ll see a few methods for adding funds displayed in the dashboard. These depend on the user’s country. Besides that, you can also send payments via Paxum, WebMoney and Swift payment in different currencies: RUB, UAH, USD, EUR, INR, IDR, BRL, MXN, COP, ARS, CLP, THB.

MGID: Support

  • Personal Onboarding Manager: Yes. (min. deposit $500)
  • Support Response Speed: Very Good
  • Support Rating: Very Good
  • Contact Methods: Live Chat, Skype, Telegram, email
  • Email Contact:, Yevgeniy Britskiy – Skype: live:yevgen.brytskyi, Email:

MGID History

MGID advertising platform was founded in 2008 and quickly grew to become one of the largest advertising networks of its kind. It currently supports over 32 thousand direct publishers in 200 countries, 185 billion monthly impressions, and more than 750 employees in 11 global offices, who speak a combined total of 70 languages.

MGID is no stranger to success, and the brand has won plenty of internationally recognized industry awards, such as the 2020 Best Overall AdTech Company Award by MarTech Breakthrough and the 2021 Bronze Stevie® Award for Innovation in Technology.

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Inventory & Traffic

MGID works with more than 32K direct publishers from all over the globe for over 850M monthly unique visitors. Thanks to an expert media buying team, this number continues to grow each month. They also have an integrated DSP which you can use to buy additional high-quality traffic at scale with minimal friction.

MGID has traffic in 200+ countries and territories and a reach (monthly impressions) as follows:

  • APAC: 55B+
  • CIS: 15B+
  • Eastern Europe and The Middle East: 60B+
  • Europe: 30B+
  • India: 19B+
  • Latin America: 17B+
  • North America: 18B+
  • Ukraine: 5B+

Affiliates who regularly use social ads can use MGID as an alternative traffic source to Instagram and Facebook.

Social networks are overloaded with ads, and they don’t always offer the best traffic sources for promoting your offers.

MGID offers high-quality traffic worldwide, and is a reliable source of native traffic. You can bid on responsive native ad formats in brand performance widgets and/or push notifications from over 32K top content sites.

The team can also assist you with creatives, traffic analysis, optimization management tools, MGID Academy, and other tools.

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The MGID registration flow is extremely intuitive and easy to work with.

To get started, visit our exclusive MGID page and click on Setup Your First Campaign. Choose the type of account you want to create (Publihser or Advertiser), enter your email address, and click apply, or, just sign up with your Google account.

creating a new account fgor mgid review


After this, you’ll receive an email with your password to the dashboard, and that’s it! Simply follow the link to your dashboard to get started.

mgid advertiser dashboard

MGID Advertiser’s Dashboard

mgid publisher dashboard

MGID Publisher’s Dashboard

The main page of your dashboard contains all the features you need for launching your first ad campaign. You will see two available sections; one for advertisers and one for publishers, regardless of the account type you created.

Adding Funds

Simply add funds as described in the payments section and launch a campaign.

Launching a Campaign on MGID

Launching a campaign is incredibly easy. Simply open the Advertisers tab on your dashboard and click the “Add campaign” button. The campaign launch includes 13 steps.

First, specify the basic information about your campaign: A unique name, campaign type, campaign category, language, etc.

adding new campaign on mgid

Ad Formats

Choose between responsive native ad formats in brand performance widgets, including video formats, display and push notifications, depending on your goals.


Now let’s take a look at the targeting settings.

First, select which countries you want to receive traffic from for the campaign. Then add any devices you want to target. You can also select browsers, languages, and other variables here.

Please notice the “Traffic Insights” button: This section includes daily updates and contains the lists of the most effective targeting settings, the least competitive GEOs (high-quality traffic at low prices), and useful information that will help you to set up the campaign in the best way.

campaign targeting on mgid

Click the “Confirm” button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the final stages of creating the campaign. Here, you can set up a schedule for displaying ads by selecting the start and end date of the campaign, as well as specifying the daily limit.

scheduling campaigns on mgid

Next, create any UTM tags that you want to use for the campaign.

creating utm tags on mgid


Finally, make sure you set up conversion tracking. MGID is fully compatible with most trackers, and is you are using Binom, Bemob, and Red Track you’ll find it is fully integrated with these platforms.

You’ll find a bunch of instructions on integrating tracking tools with MGID detailed and shared with screenshots in the MGID knowledge base.

If you need any help with this, you can always reach out to your dedicated account manager, who will assist you in setting up S2S conversion tracking.

conversion tracking on mgid

setting up conversion tracking on mgid

When you have finished setting up your campaign, save the campaign by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Well done! You have successfully created your first campaign. Now you can add your creatives.


adding new ads on mgid

Note: Don’t forget to check the rules and content policies to avoid any problems with campaign approval.

mgid campaign approval process

The MGID moderation flow is very intuitive and easy to understand, and the approval process can take up to 72 working hours. Check out the list of rules before submitting your campaign so that your ads moderated in the shortest time possible.

Read more about how to pass moderation and avoid rejection and prohibited content in the MGID blog.

Optimizing Your Campaigns

We caught up with the MGID managers, who shared several hacks to optimize and improve the performance of your campaigns.

Use the following tips to get the best performance from your traffic:

  • Drill down into your audience segments and optimize your creatives. Make use of MGID’s automation and optimization tools. These include rule-based optimization, selective bidding, and price recommendation tools.
  • You should also collect as much data as possible by setting up S2S tracking with MGID. This will insert an intuitive information split in your campaign statistics.
  • Use the traffic insight tool when creating a new campaign. This can fetch trends on the latest country-wise traffic flow with daily impressions, daily clicks, and the minimum suggested CPC.
  • Take time targeting into account, especially if your strategy relies heavily on a call center and the time orders are made. If you are not limited by these restrictions, then segment the display hours and personalize your ads depending on the time.
  • Plan and structure your sales funnel so that it improves the user experience and users don’t get frustrated.
  • Check out the articles in the MGID Academy to lean how to use creatives and landing pages to boost your conversion rates, without giving users artificially high expectations and unrealistic promises.

The minimum deposit for MGID is $100. However, you’re advised to start with an initial budget of at least $500–$1500. This will give you sufficient space to test different angles and funnels for your specific offer, and gather enough data to create black and white lists for the campaign.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive up to 10 ads per campaign from the creative team, along with full support from a personal account manager to help with daily campaign optimization.

MGID have recently announced the new Motion Ads (GIF images) format to use as creatives for your campaigns, so make sure to try those out with your campaigns.

Reporting & Analytics

First, set up your tracking as described in this article. Speak to your account manager at MGID if you need any help with this.

The reporting will track important stats like clicks, impressions, and conversions. To check this, open the list of ads for the campaign you want to track.

You will see impressions and click data, as well as the CTR value, for the ads. You can filter results by daily data, which will show you a detailed breakdown of stats from the last 30 days.

MGID Review: Wrapping Up

MGID is an advertising network with that’s been around for over 13 years. This is a long time in the advertising business, and the company continues to lead the pack by actively developing and adding new features to the platform.

Examples of recently added features include Rule-based optimization and automatic bidding.

After all, MGID has always been about innovation and solutions that are one step ahead of the competition.

They offer all you’d expect from a high-quality advertising network

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