PropellerAds Review: Is It Worth?

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PropellerAds Overview

Next in line in our series of ad network reviews is an in-depth PropellerAds review.

This is a very well-known ad network and a global traffic source.

Yes, that’s right! It’s got tons of traffic for many different GEOs. Affiliates can now run ads with the following ad formats:

  • Push Notifications – PropellerAds push base includes more than 600 million subscribers from all over the world!
  • In-Page Push – This format looks exactly like a Push Notification. You can use it to target more platforms and iOS types, expanding your Push campaigns.
  • Popunder – Popunders provide massive reach at the lowest cost.
  • Direct Click – It’s parked domains and top converting ad placements traffic. When you use Direct Click, visitors get to your offer directly – no creatives are needed.
  • Interstitials – Interstitial ads are an excellent way to capture attention immediately.

But before we move along, let’s take a minute to learn some of PropellerAds’ story.

PropellerAds was founded back in 2011 and at first it was known as the largest source of Popunder traffic (which it still is, by the way). But the ad network differs from competitors in its continuous development.

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Now it is one of the largest traffic sources known to almost every affiliate.

PropellerAds’ reach is now more than 12 billion ad impressions per day.

The advertising platform works with all popular verticals, except adult: finance, e-commerce, mainstream dating, sweepstakes, iGaming, utilities, games, etc.

This PropellerAds review is gonna show you some of the amazing things about this platform.


Without further delay, let’s get to it right away!


Here’s what you’ll see once you have created your account on PropellerAds:

  • Dashboard.
  • Campaigns.
  • Traffic Chart – traffic volumes by ad format, pricing model, countries, os, platforms. Also, it includes “hot” traffic segments with the best prices, low competition & high volumes.
  • Audiences – here you create audiences for retargeting.
  • Tracking – set up the conversion tracking.
  • Finance – your billing history.
  • Add funds – go here to make a deposit and claim a promo code.
  • Profile – personal information, password, setting up of recurring payments and notifications, API.
  • Help center – knowledge base.
  • Special offers – bonuses from PropellerAds’s partners.
  • Propeller Priority – bonus program.
  • Feature request – vote, discuss and share ideas about platform improvements.
  • Live online chat (lower right corner) – a 24/7 online support chat.

Moving on: as with pretty much everything else, the tracking setup of PropellerAds is quite straightforward.

On the platform, just hit the “Tracking” option on the left-side menu.

conversion tracking on propellerads

Here you’ll find out how to set up conversion tracking easily, an S2S postback, and here you’ll test conversion tracking.

Nice, ain’t it?

You know the drill: you’ve got the setup in place.

Now, let’s go to the actual campaign creation stage!

Campaign Creation

Create a New Campaign

Let’s begin with a campaign with Push Notifications ad format.

creating a campaign on propellerads

Set the campaign name, choose a pricing model (CPC, CPM or CPA Goal*) and paste your target URL.

*CPA Goal is an auto-optimization tool that helps drive conversions at the target price you set.

Create an Additional Campaign

This option is available for CPA Goal Push campaigns. With it, you don’t have to create separate campaigns for each format. Instead, you launch just one CPA Goal push campaign, and the PropellerAds system optimizes your creatives for Onclick and Interstitial formats on its own.

creating additional caimpaigns on propellerads

Next option?

Our old, dear friend, frequency capping, so nothing special going on here. Select your capping frequency, don’t touch it to leave the default settings (1/24), or check the box in case you wanna disable it.

Now the sweet part – creatives.

  • Add a title (up to 30 symbols)
  • Description (up to 40 symbols)
  • 2 creatives: icon (192×192) and a big banner image (360×240). Crop it!

push notification example from propellerads

Don’t forget to preview it on different platforms. Yes, PropellerAds has this option too!


Wanna test several creatives? Pay attention to the unique tool – The Smart rotator.

Click on the “+ Add another creative for testing” button and add up to 8 creatives in 1 campaign. Then check the detailed statistics for each creative and spend money only on the best-performing ads.

Say NO to manual testing!

Additional Traffic & Targeting Options

traffic options on propellerads

If you need traffic from premium websites only, choose “Leave only premium zones.”

Next – User activity targeting. It’s one more unique feature developed by the PropellerAds team.

propellerads user activity

This targeting divides users into three groups – hot, medium, and cold audiences.

Hot” are new users who just subscribed to Push Notifications, and it’s the perfect audience for the testing of new offers.

Сold” are users who are a bit “tired” of notifications, and you’ll need to use your creativeness to impress them.

When creating a push campaign, targeting is automatically set to all cohorts. However, by experimenting with each user activity level, you can significantly improve your ROI. It is better to test each level separately, because the results can vary depending on different GEOs and verticals.

Countries & Bid

The name is pretty self-explanatory.

This is the time for you to set the country (or countries) and cities you’re going to target and also your bid. You can include or exclude them.

countries and bid on propellerads

Here, you can select from preset selections to target worldwide, or only a specific continent, for example.

Also, you can test the new auto-optimization feature – Target CPA. Set the desired price per conversion and the system will disable zones that don’t fit your requirements.

Advertising Budget

Your daily and your total campaign budgets.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Here’s that nice part where you can choose your campaign’s specific targeting.

targeting on propellerads

  • Platform – mobile or desktop.
  • OS – MAC OS, Android, Windows.
  • Browser.
  • Browser language.
  • Connection type – it can be “All types,” 3G/LTE, or Wi-Fi/Broadband.
  • Mobile ISP.
  • Zone limitation – your white and blacklists. Exclude or include up to 5000 zones.

Demographic & Interests Targeting

PropellerAds became the first company to introduce Demographic & Interests Targeting for Push ads.

You can target users by:

  • Interests: Sports, Shopping, Finance, iGaming, Giveaways, Dating, Utilities
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Age: 18-29, 30-49, 50+

demographics and interested on propellerads push ads campaigns
Rule-based Optimization

In PropellerAds, you can adjust an auto-rule for your CPC Push campaign by several parameters.

When setting up a campaign, specify all the parameters you need: CR, ROI, Time period, Spend, etc. Depending on your settings, the system will automatically increase or decrease the bid or exclude zones.

rule-based optimization on propellerads


In PropellerAds, you have four options to collect your retargeting audience. They are based on:

  • Clicks (Push & Interstitial)
  • Engaged visits
  • Converted users (Leads via postback S2S)

You can create up to 15 audiences.

retargeting on propellerads

Campaign Schedule

Another old friend of ours: dayparting. Nothing new to see here.

That’s it for campaign creation, guys!

PropellerAds – Traffic Redux

PropellerAds is definitely a solid and one of the biggest traffic sources.

It’s got a lot of genuine traffic and a functioning platform, with lots of cool features for affiliates.

If you play your cards right, it converts faster than Ayrton Senna!

The team is open and pleasant in communication. They try to provide quality customer support and help them in every possible way: chats on Telegram, social networks with 70K+ subscribers, expert webinars and educational articles, capturing the Chinese and Brazilian regions, and establishing partnerships with leading market players.

PropellerAds: Offers & Verticals

  • Ad Types: Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Popunder, Direct Click, Interstitial.
  • Cost Model(s): CPM, CPC, CPA Goal, SmartCPM, Smart CPA.
  • Verticals: Finance, Mainstream Dating, Sweepstakes, eCommerce, Games, Betting, Nutra, Crypto, iGaming, and Utilities.

PropellerAds: Payment & Investment

  • Propeller Ads Minimum Deposit: $100 for credit cards and $1000 for Wire Transfers
  • Funding Methods: Debit/Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard), UnionPay, PayPal, ePayments, American Express, Webmoney, Skrill and Wire Transfers.

PropellerAds: Support

  • Personal Account Manager: For Platinum advertisers only (check Propeller Priority tab for details).
  • Support Response Speed: Good.
  • Support Rating: Good.
  • Contact Methods:  Online live chat 24/7 in ad account.

Make Money On PropellerAds

I know every business faces shortcomings and ad networks are no different.

Even so, I gotta recognize that Propeller Ads is a pretty good platform for someone looking for great traffic.

It’s simple, straight to the point, and it’s likely got the traffic you need.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Propeller Ads review and I really think that you’re now ready to PropellerAds!

Let’s keep making it rain!

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